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CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Final stage & Women’s Champions League 2023.

The tournament will be held in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania on 29th June – 1st July hosted by the local goalball club Saltinis.

2023/06/29 09:30:00

The venues of the tournament is called Vilnius basketball school (address: Birzelio 23-iosios st. 10, Vilnius) and sports complex of sport club Saltinis (address: Skroblu st. 3A, Vilnius). Teams and referees will be accommodated at the hotel zemaites (Address: Zemaites st. 15, Vilnius). Please check out the hotel’s website by clicking here.

The legend of Vilnius

Gediminas Castle

Vilnius is an outstanding example of a medieval foundation which exercised a profound influence on architectural and cultural developments in a wide area
of Eastern Europe over several centuries.

Today Vilnius is 700 years old. Legend has it that the city started with a dream Grand Duke Gediminas had on a hunting trip. In his dream, Gediminas saw a huge iron wolf standing on a hill howling as if hundreds of wolves were trapped inside it. When the Grand Duke consulted the court magician Lizdeika, he was told that the wolf was a symbol of a great capital that would one day stand atop that hill. By 1323, Gediminas was already sending letters to European cities inviting merchants and craftspeople to visit the city.. Please get to know more about the city of Vilnius by clicking here.

The hosting club Saltinis was founded on January 30, 1993. Club members have been interested in such sports as checkers, chess, athletics, judo, swimming and goalball.

Saltinis is the strongest goalball club in Lithuania. Since the establishment of SEGL, the sports club Saltini has become champions many times. It did so in 2022 as well. when they became SEGL champions. Team members have also become winners and prize-winners of the European, World and Paralympic Games. Follow Saltinis on Facebook by clicking here.

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